About Us

Welcome to FlightLine Coffee Company! We are a coffee company dedicated to providing the highest quality coffee for first responders and healthcare professionals, including EMS, Fire LEO, Communications, and the air medical community.

Our founder, a flight paramedic, had a dream of creating a coffee that would not only taste great, but also provide the energy and focus needed to tackle the demands of a high-stress, fast-paced job. With that in mind, FlightLine Coffee Company was born.

We are passionate about coffee and we know that our customers deserve the best. That's why we work hard to source the finest beans from around the world. Our coffee is rich, flavorful, and full-bodied, with a smooth finish that will leave you wanting more.

Thank you for choosing FlightLine Coffee Company. We hope that you will enjoy our coffee as much as we enjoy making it.


All of our coffee is ethically sourced from around the world, including South America, Asia, and Africa. 


Heavy Lies The Helmet

At Flightline Coffee, we are not only passionate about providing top-quality products for medical professionals, but we are also dedicated to exploring new ventures that align with our values. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our latest collaboration with Heavy Lies The Helmet: Third Degree Roast coffee.

Third Degree Roast is a medium roast single origin coffee sourced from the beautiful country of Guatemala. We carefully selected Guatemala as the origin for this exceptional coffee to pay homage to our very first aircrew training with Chris "Razor" Sharpe. Just like the intense training sessions that push aircrew professionals to their limits, Third Degree Roast is a brew that embodies strength, determination, and excellence.  

Aircrew Inspiration

As aircrew professionals ourselves, we understand the importance of a good cup of coffee to kickstart the day and keep you focused. Third Degree Roast is our way of combining our passion for aviation, great education, and with our love for coffee. With every sip, you can feel the dedication and expertise that goes into every aircrew session.

Whether you are an aircrew professional or simply a coffee enthusiast, Third Degree Roast is the perfect brew for you. 


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